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A powerful library for accessing intellectual property, featuring:

  • 🍰 Ease of use: All sources use a simple unified API inspired by Django-ORM.

  • 🐼 Pandas Integration: Results are easily castable to Pandas Dataframes and Series.

  • 🚀 Performance: Fetched data is cached using the excellent requests-cache library for super-fast queries.

Docs, including a fulsome Getting Started and User Guide are available on Read the Docs. The Examples folder includes examples of using patent_client for many common IP tasks


  • Free software: Apache Software License 2.0


pip install patent_client

If you only want access to USPTO resources, you’re done! However, additional setup is necessary to access EPO Inpadoc and EPO Register resources. See the Docs.

Quick Start#

To use the project:

# Import the model classes you need
>>> from patent_client import Inpadoc, Assignment, USApplication, Patent

# Fetch US Patents with the word "tennis" in their title issued in 2010
>>> pats = Patent.objects.filter(title="tennis", issue_date="2010-01-01->2010-12-31")
>>> len(pats) > 10

# Look at the first one
>>> pats[0].publication
Patent(publication_number=7841958, publication_date=2010-11-30, title=Modular table tennis game)

# Fetch US Applications
>>> app = USApplication.objects.get('15710770')
>>> app.patent_title
'Camera Assembly with Concave-Shaped Front Face'

# Fetch from USPTO Assignments
>>> assignments = Assignment.objects.filter(assignee='Google')
>>> len(assignments) > 23000
>>> assignment = Assignment.objects.get('47086-788')
>>> assignment.conveyance_text

# Fetch from INPADOC
>>> pub = Inpadoc.objects.get('EP3082535A1')
>>> pub.biblio.title

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